• Large fractions
  • Small fractions

egrit extra 03 1 - GLASS BLASTING BEAD OFFER

  • Remove larger and heavier contaminants from the surface
  • Cause less surface hit per kg
  • The impact level is more intense
  • They do not reach very small surfaces
  • With the same processing intensity, the finish is more glossy (pearlescent)

egrit male frakcje - GLASS BLASTING BEAD OFFER

  • Remove smaller and lighter contaminants from the surface
  • Cause more surface hit per kg
  • The impact level is less intense
  • They reach small surfaces
  • With the same processing intensity, the finish is more matte

Main uses of E-grit abrasive material


Processing of stainless steel, precious metals and light metal alloys, easily contaminated by iron.


Preparation of surface for further anti-corrosion treatment, replacing the need for chemicals.


Matting of stainless steel, chrome, technical and economic glass.


Adorning or cleaning materials, such as light metals, plastics, wood, glass, brick, concrete.


Used in process of manufacturing artificial Christmas trees and Christmas decorations.


Cleaning corroded car body parts.


Cleaning steel structures.


Removing graffiti from concrete and plaster surfaces (very good results).


Renovation of façades of buildings, walls (also clinker) and other objects.


Decorative matting of porcelain surfaces (high reproducibility of obtained effects).


Cleaning of precision, soft and brittle products.


Glass matting (high reproducibility of obtained effects).


Production of abrasion tools.


Production of non-refractive and electrotechnical ceramics.


Renovation of ship hulls, preparation of surfaces for painting.


Mold processing, medical tool processing.

Cleaning the surface with E-grit should be preceded by a test stage, where the product fraction is matched to the material, since there are many external factors that can affect the final result of the cleaning process (moisture, grease, compressed air pressure).

E-grit is a modern, ecological abrasive manufactured in the process of crushing specially prepared glass. Its unique properties allow to use it in such specialized work as cleaning industrial tanks in the food industry, as well as removing unnecessary deposits in the refinery industry equipment.

Its wide range of uses is due to its purity and non-sparking properties when blasting metal surfaces. Modern surface preparation methods require highly effective abrasive materials. Our product is a niche medium designed for specific use, and its particular advantage is its lack of negative impact on the environment, particularly when it comes to the use of abrasive in open space.

Its qualities allow it to be used for medical applications, such as preparation of medical tool castings, or as a material for cleaning dentures. Despite its specialized functions, E-grit is used in more common situations, such as matting surfaces for painting, or satinzing of structures to remove welding discoloration.

In foundries, the use of beads for cleaning of castings allows to avoid contamination and inclusions of foreign particles which reduce the quality of manufactured products. Using our product ensures very high reproducibility of the obtained effects. Its extensive properties and efficiency have also been appreciated by companies dealing with preparation of acid-resistant steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal surfaces, as well as glass, porcelain or plastics.

Low fraction beads are applicable where less aggressive surface abrasion is desired, and the intention is to clean details without damaging their structure. Therefore, E-grit is often used for matting, satinzing, or smoothing surfaces. Its properties allow for keeping strict proportions and low tolerances during machining, and thanks to the low specific gravity of the abrasive, also precision products (thin, brittle objects) can be subjected to processing.

A positive feature of Rominex’s product is its chemical neutrality and a very low erosion degree of the abraded surface, which is why E-grit has found many buyers in the industry dealing with highly specialized and precise processing for the aerospace and automotive industries, while in the art industry it is appreciated by people covering surfaces to achieve a non-uniform light reflection.

Because of its chemical neutrality, E-grit is particularly recommended for processing stainless steel and light metal alloys that are easily contaminated by iron (it does not cause metallic inclusions). These features eliminate the need for chemicals in cleaning processes, and its use additionally produces surface compression stresses, which retard the formation of stress corrosion and cracks. In the aspect of health protection, there is no risk of silicosis, and the limits of silicon and toxic components are normal.

E-grit does not contain harmful lead which is absorbed by the respiratory tract (via vapor and dust) and binds to certain enzymes, causing damage to red blood cells and the central nervous system.

Summing up, E-grit is ecological, non-metal sharp-edged abrasive, produced in the process of crushing glass, and its durability allows for multiple use.

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